Hello, my dear Friends, Allies, Admirers and people of whom I was
reminded today, whose lives have crossed paths with mine.



I sincerely THANK YOU all for the kind words and congratulations sent and said to me today, on my birthday, which is a special Anniversary!

I know – that all of this is done from the heart, with love and gratitude for my work in this life, which perhaps (as I believe), is NOT in VAIN and has a real embodiment in the specific deeds that are completed.

Why do we need anniversaries, calendars, and milestones of the years we have lived?

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Stellar Pulsars transforming
the life support system on Earth




The Earth comes into its natural controlled states after the Control System change (2011.04.24) and is getting free of the former external interventionist control dependence, bringing itself and its program states of harmony development into its true nature, implementing its rehabilitation into its former states at high rates. But most importantly, it is bringing all the true and native Control Complexes into their effective controlling physical state! And all this is already being performed within the framework of the Transitional period (12 years), and not somewhere in the distant future! Everything is happening before our eyes. And one of these elements we will have to go through from January 17 to January 21, 2019.


On the “Afterword” to the book by Feodor Shkrudnev

“Nicolai Levashov’s «SvetL Broom» in Alexander Khatybov’s
«Bath School» and A Labor Spade”



There comes an amazing time when a knowledgeable person who is also a seeker, has the possibility, when fulfilling certain requirements of his chosen methodology of cognition, to look around and submerge to the “certain depth” of the Cognition of our world, so that, having known the Truth, can advance to the stage of a person who understands and owns it. Moreover, the sum of knowledge, in contrast to the well-known Leninist formulation, does not acquire a new quality when it comes to knowing the Truth. Here the author provides his own understanding of Knowledge and Truth, based on personal experience and the experience of the founders of the New Knowledge.

In the epigraph to the ”Afterword,” the quintessence of its content is actually set out in summary form: everyone has brains, just not everyone knows what to do with them. [Read more]


“N. Levashov’s “SvetL” Broom in A. Khatybov’s Bath Science and a Labor Spade”


Everyone has brains;
just not everyone knows what to do with them


So the time has come to retract the periscope into the hull and give the command to descend. But the periscope was raised in order to look around and see what was happening. The descent is an action after looking round.

It is a really amazing time now. Throughout Mankind’s existence, our planet has experienced a lot of paradigm shifts, and all of them were received with stiff resistance. Today we can see that these types of unconcealed shifts in thinking occur in several spheres and all at the same time. This may seem overwhelming to those who are trying to ignore the ongoing processes, especially considering the fact that many of the ideas currently being implemented are conflicting with the current belief systems. There will always be resistance to new information that does not fit into the existing framework, irrespective of its being reasonable or factual (obvious). [Read more]

Birch Trees: Natural Remedy in Your Backyard



If you have access to birch trees, take advantage of their healing
properties by using the techniques outlined in this article.

In every form, birch makes an excellent tonic and detoxifier, mainly working on the urinary system to remove waste products, and treat conditions such as kidney or bladder stones and gravel, gout, and rheumatism. It reduces fluid retention and swelling, and clears up many skin problems. Birch is regarded as safe medicinally and no side effects have been reported. [Read more]

Why was Christ crucified?



… If one opened the Old Testament or the Torah and read what Moses did and how he did it after he became a God’s messiah, he or she would reveal one “strange” feature of his activity. According to these books all his acts carried only death and destruction, nothing else! He killed even those who agreed to come with him but did not want to submit to him and his “laws” which he brought from Mount Sinai after his unforgettable meeting with a talking bush. He killed these people blaming them for worshiping the Golden Calf. Here I drew the attention of the listeners to the facts that if he indeed destroyed the servants of the Golden Calf without a trace, why do the surviving Israelites continue to serve the Golden Calf until now? Also I raised the subject of Christianity, saying that Christianity and the concept, for the sake of which the person who was called Christ sacrificed his life, have nothing in common! [Read more]