Svetlana de Rohan Levashova

Svetlana Levashova, Nicolai’s wife and comrade-in-arms, was known in the United States as Lana. In Russian language “Svet” means “Light”, and the name “Svetlana” means “Bearing Light”.

It very rarely happens that the destiny of a person, their deeds and name, fully coincide, as happened in Svetlana de Rohan-Levashova’s case. All her life, from earliest childhood, was permeated with an aspiration to Light, Knowledge and spiritual development.

That her fate is unusual is the very least one can say. From the very beginning of her life she had to adapt to the fact that she differed greatly from people around her, that she could do a lot of things which were inaccessible and incomprehensible for others.

Being yet very little, Svetlana had to study and master her abilities, to learn how to control and use them correctly. She experienced the bitter taste of misunderstanding and mistrust, envy and cruelty, loneliness and hatred very early on. Her miraculous innate abilities were misunderstood and unclaimed; she had to survive and live in this world, a very dangerous and insidious world, especially, for a lonely little girl…




Why did I decide to write this book? Of course, I did not do that because I consider myself someone special or extraordinary. I just happened to live a bright and quite unusual life, and if this book helps someone not to feel lonely in our beautiful, but very cruel world, then I have not written it in vain.

We got used to make our life easier by saying: “it cannot be, because it never can be” readily casting aside everything that cannot be squeezed into our “universally recognized” frameworks. We got used to believing that all people are kind, that TV sets broadcast “only truth and nothing but truth” which is so comfortable to live with and anything that brings (or just could bring) us any inconvenience, or we cannot find room for in our “well-organized”, but at the same time too problematic world, is banished from it without the least regret.

This book is exactly about this kind of “incorrect” life. It is a history of a “little hermit” lost in the incomprehensible and sometimes very spiky world of people. One who has walked a long and very “thorny” way and finally found her real essence, the understanding of life and those wonders which accompanied her throughout her life.

I am grateful to my grand-dad for bright and unforgettable recollections with which he filled my child’s world and also unusual wonders which, regrettably, very soon became the “scourge” of my childhood existence.

I am grateful to my father. I could not have lived my life with my chin up, never surrendering or losing my faith in myself without his support. My life would never be the way it is now without his love and faith in me.

I am grateful to my mother for her wonderful kindness and faith in me, for her help and resolute guarding of my “eccentric” abilities.

I am grateful to my wonderful son Robert who gave me a chance to be a proud mother, for his open heart and his talent, and also because he just exists on this Earth.

And, with the whole of my heart, I am grateful to my amazing husband, Nicolai Levashov, who helped me to find myself in my “lost” world, gave me the understanding of that to which I tantalizingly tried to find answers for many long years and opened a door into the fabulously beautiful world of Big Space.

To him, my best friend without whom I could not imagine my present existence, I dedicate this book.

Svetlana de Rohan-Levashova