Nicolai Levashov

2.8.1961 – 6.11.2012

“In response to the many queries I’ve fielded about Academician Nicolai Levashov, I’d like to share my near-decade of experience as his student, trainee, book editor, archiver of his peer-reviewed medical records, administrative assistant and author of several articles on his work which were aired in reputable alternative medical or scientific journals. I will rely on first hand observations I have gleaned over the years. What I personally witnessed surpassed anything I could have imagined or dreamed  Read more…

Barbara G. Koopman, M.D., Ph.D.




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We all live at a very interesting time when pseudo-scientific modern conceptions cannot conceal the ignorance hidden behind them. What ignorance, – someone may exclaim surprisingly, – it is impossible to talk about any kind of ignorance when our world is practically “overloaded” with the information of new discoveries, phenomena, hypotheses and theories and their practical realization.

First of all, let us define, what the terms “information” and “knowledge” mean. A lot of people believe there is no difference between them. Apparent likeness of these two concepts may delude, but if we take a little time to think about these two words, as well as many other words used daily, we will be amazed. We forget that each word has its own distinct meaning as well as its own sound. Here is the meaning of the words: “information” and “knowledge”.

Information is a message about events happening around and inside us received through the organs of sense.

Knowledge is a reflection and understanding of events happening around and inside us.

At first sight this distinction may seem insignificant. In fact, these two concepts differ remarkably from each other. Knowledge is information about events happening around and inside us, received through our sense organs, meditated on and finally comprehended. Unfortunately, our modern terrestrial civilization has accumulated a great deal of information about events happening around and inside us; however, understanding of this information is practically nonexistent…  Read more… 

Nicolai Levashov