If you are a seeker after true understanding, with questions about the nature of reality, Life and Death, cause and effect, and the great mysteries of existence itself, you will find much to consider here. If you sense the wrongness and the emptiness of contemporary culture, religion, and science, if you are ready to start
upon a journey of true discovery, or if you are on this journey now, we are glad you’ve found us.

Within these pages, you will find much that will fascinate and challenge you, including information about the origin of our planet Earth, the subsequent evolution of life upon it, and the Laws and Principles that guide this evolution, as well as other processes of living and non-living matter.

  • You will have a chance to learn about the seven levels of the planet, why  exactly seven, and what they are.
  • You will find the clue to the origin of life and its laws, the true origin of Man on Earth, and the nature of Mind.
  • You will get a chance to unravel the riddle of Life and Death, what happens to a person after death and why.
  • You will come to understand the unity of the laws of micro- and macrocosm, and the nature of Black Holes.
  • You will relate differently to the history of mankind, and to the mistakes – big and insignificant – of great scientists, recognized authorities, and long-forgotten visionaries.
  • You will learn what the Universe is, how the stars are born, and so much more!